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Health Matters

Aug 4 2016

Dear June My mother has been living very happily and successfully in sheltered accommodation for some time but I have noticed recently that her health has deteriorated and she seems to be struggling with some everyday things. What should I do about i...


How can I make my home feel safe and secure?

Feb 19 2016

Your home should be your haven, the one place where you can really relax and... well, feel at home! There are a number of basic things which everyone should check just to make sure that the risk of an acciden...


Do you house people with dementia?

Oct 2 2014

Dear Sara, I am worried about my father as he has been diagnosed with memory loss and dementia. Can he move into a sheltered flat, as I would like him to have someone to call on in an emergency? Thanks Joanna Dear Joanna, You may find that some sh...


My parents want to return to the UK

Aug 22 2014

Dear Sara, Currently my Parents live in Spain. They retired there 8 years ago and now realise that it was not necessarily the best move to have made. How easy is it for them to return to live in London, ideally in sheltered housing, where they can be...


How can my son live with other Jewish students at Uni?

Mar 20 2014

Dear Sara, My son is hoping to study at a London University and he wants to live amongst other Jewish Students. How can I assist him in getting the right accommodation? Many thanks Ros Dear Ros, Your son can apply for accommodation via the Univers...


How do I apply for sheltered housing?

Feb 5 2014

Dear Sara, My mother is struggling in her present property and is lonely. She would like to move to sheltered housing. What is the best way to go about this? Katie Dear Katie, Sheltered Housing is a perfect option for independent living within a...