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Living Out Loud

Feb 22 2016

jLiving Chief Executive June Morton was recently interviewed by The Jewish News regarding the current challenges facing sheltered housing associations. We've reproduced the article here: "I now turn to the old people... who are beginning to feel &ls...


Happy 100th Birthday Victor!

Feb 21 2016

© Blake Ezra Photography Ltd. 2015 Many congratulations to Victor Gatta who celebrates his 100th birthday on the 21st January, 2016. Victor and his wife Rochelle,...


How can I make my home feel safe and secure?

Feb 19 2016

Your home should be your haven, the one place where you can really relax and... well, feel at home! There are a number of basic things which everyone should check just to make sure that the risk of an acciden...


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Feb 1 2016

Tenants at Maitland Joseph House in Hemel Hempstead took a lovely trip down memory lane this week in celebration of the Association's 50th anniversary. Activities included a 1966 themed quiz and a performance of hits from the sixties by musician Rich...