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jLiving celebrated the arrival of a new Sefer Torah

Feb 27 2017

There was lots of excitement when a minyan at Harmony Close was presented with a new Sefer Torah which was commissioned by local resident David Shine in memory of his late wife, Janet. The Torah was written by the Scribe Chayim Levison, formerly of I...


Good Shabbos

Feb 24 2017

Shabbat starts this week at 5.17pm and ends tomorrow at 6.20pm. Shabbat Shalom!...


Shabbat Shalom

Feb 17 2017

This week Shabbat begins at 5.04pm and will end at 6.08pm. Good Shabbos....


Love that has Lasted 65 Years.

Feb 16 2017

Gerry and Barbara, tenants at Wolfson Court for seven years, have been married for 58 years but have known each other for a staggering 65. The couple who met in Stamford Hill have two children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Gerry was in...


Happy Ever After...

Feb 15 2017

Joan and Ernie, tenants for almost 17 years at Wolfson Court, have been married for 52 years next month. They met through mutual friends after Ernie arrived in England having been born and brought up in Calcutta, India. “Arriving in London was...


Wedded Bliss!

Feb 14 2017

Ruth and Charles, tenants at Maitland Joseph House, have been married for 62 years! In fact it will be 63 years in April. Is this the couple who have been married the longest in our organisation? They met at Muswell Hill Jewish Youth Club when they w...


A Diamond Celebration!

Feb 13 2017

A huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Simberg, who celebrated 60 years of marriage in January this year. With four children, 14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren who all live locally the couple celebrated their diamond anniversary with a dinner...


Shabbat Shalom!

Feb 10 2017

Shabbat starts today at 4.51pm and ends tomorrow at 5.56pm. Good Shabbos....


Exercise for all!

Feb 1 2017

Tenants at Harmony Close, Wohl Lodge and Lionel Leighton were treated in January to a trial armchair exercise class for all run by Debbie, an experienced exercise coach. The exercises aim to keep you mobile and strengthen bone mass and muscles as wel...